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In the Psych Bites series, COCC Psychology professor Dr. Andria Woodell will delve into social, cultural topics from a psychological perspective-

Psych Bites: Overcoming Bystander Apathy

Monday, April 24, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm, Online Zoom, $29.00

In this lecture, learn about the psychological reasons that cause the phenomenon of bystander apathy. We will discuss the application of the bystander effect information as it can be applied to help prevent bullying, increase advocacy of others, and even prevent campus acquaintance assault. Participants will learn how we can use the information to make better decisions when choosing whether to act or not act in emergency situations. Bring your lunch and learn about this fascinating topic!

Psych Bites flyer 2023

How to Register:

Phone: 541-318-7270

Email: ceinfo@cocc.edu

Website: www.cocc.edu/ce

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