We want to keep you informed about grants that we have applied for and that we have received:

  • AWARDED – Behavioral Health Workforce Improvement Grant – OHA: The COBHC has been awarded $300,000.00 in grant funds from OHA to support supervision across our member sites. The Central Oregon Health Council will provide incentive funds in the amount of $250,000.00 to further support this OHA grant for a combined total of $550,000.00 in grant funds awarded. The COBHC is excited to receive these funds, to be used in the process of hiring for clinical supervisors, and to further support our members and regions. We are deeply thankful for your letters of commitment and support in seeking these funds!
  • SUBMITTED – Rural Behavioral Health Workforce Improvement Grant – COHC: We completed submission of this grant on March 23rd, 2022. The grant is requesting $500,000.00 to increase incentive stipends for our training sites and interns placed in these sites. We determined that we needed additional funds to support more interns regionwide, and especially to increase trainee and associate placements in rural If awarded, we plan to provide stipends for all our interns starting in the 2022/2023 training year, with a graduated pay scale. There will be a higher stipend provided for those interns choosing a placement at a rural site over an urban site. Funds will also be allocated for training and didactics as well as expansion of the COBHC beyond the end of the HowTo grant. If awarded, this funding would take the COBHC through December of 2024.