We are excited to highlight Melisa DeMeyer as the COBHC Member of the Quarter.

Melisa is the Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor in Clinical Counseling at OSU Cascade Campus.

We would like to thank Melisa for her passion in training her students and her efforts within the Consortium. During our Training Committee meeting in March, Melisa helped to formulate an idea that embodies the values, vision, and mission of the Consortium: to train and retain competent, culturally sensitive, and curious providers, while working towards increasing access and improving skills. Her idea is to create provider leveled certificates for our trainees and associates.

As we have worked together to plan and advance the desired outcomes set forth by the HowTo Grant, it has been challenging to create a training concept that works for all degree types, all site types, and all member needs. We have looked at both self-paced and in-person learning and Melisa’s inspired idea to offer Level Certificates creates a wonderful opportunity to implement our strategic plan of increasing the skills of our interns and associates, while receiving a stipend, during their field placement. A leveled certificate process also provides incentive to trainees to return to the Consortium yearly until they no longer need the support we offer. Lastly, this certificate will be a clear asset a trainee can provide to employers to show their advanced training, their increasing value and their intentional approach to level up the workforce. COBHC would like to thank Melisa for her engagement and insight. We credit this idea to you!