I hope this message finds you well as we enter spring. It has been a busy month at the consortium. We are finishing our second grant proposal in 3 months, sought advice and guidance from our Training Curriculum Committees, and have been hard at work developing our logo & website, cobhc.org, with Laura Bowly.

At the Consortium we have the privilege to hear your perspective with keen ears. We have heard and lamented the emotional waves of seeing a war break out, celebrated, and expressed caution about the pandemic making another pivot, and we continued to hear from you about the pressure of providing treatment with fewer providers. Through all of this, we know you persevere, holding therapeutic frame, allowing those you work with to express their troubles and help them sift through their concerns. I hope my message here signals that the COBHC sees you, understands your position of support, service, and treatment, and also recognizes your needs for greater support. As we work together to develop a training program to shore up our behavioral health systems, I am constantly inspired by your willingness to engage in yet another task, such as participating in the training committee work and supporting the COBHC. Together we are making the field of behavioral health more equitable, available, and functional for our communities.

Your passion for the field has been highlighted in our training committee meetings where some fantastic ideas have been presented on how to best create a consortium functional for all behavioral health providers. Please take a moment and see the Member of The Quarter in the News section. The COBHC is enthusiastic about celebrating collaboration, and each quarter we plan to select a member who has been inspirational to the mission, vision, and values of the consortium.

Please read through our News section to see updates related to MOU’s, training curriculum work, and website development. We look forward to our Zoom meeting in May to reconnect face-to-face, and until then continue on! Lastly, as a reminder, Tina and I are here to talk out any questions, concerns, or needs that the COBHC can help support. Reach out!

Best, Adam