Dec 16, 2022Mt Bachelor ski Area

Mt. Bachelor Ski Area  (Photo cred: Adam Dickey)


Happy Holidays!

The COBHC would like to take a moment to reflect on the past year and celebrate our successes. These successes are for you, and inspired by you, our members, and now our fantastic cohort.

First, I ask for a round of applause for Tina Bollman’s 1 year anniversary with the COBHC and East Cascade Work. Tina’s arrival to the COBHC in late November of 2021 marked a major shift in our capacity towards implementing the goals of developing a training program with deep impact to our region. Tina is a shining star of positivity with a deep well of calm. Tina has brought to the COBHC the detail and structure needed to keep us moving and has allowed for great success in the launch of our cohort, trainings, and all the contracts and documents that solidify our efforts. Tina, I could not ask for a better thinking partner.

Next, lets cheer for our cohort. This year’s inaugural cohort are individually well known to many of you. They are working alongside you in your workplaces, taking on some of their first cases, or diving into their second year of clinicals and honing their skills, and even still they may be an associate playing an integral role as a full-time clinician with significant impact to the patient care needed in our community. Each of these twenty-four stars have come prepared to ask question, learn, and grow at every COBHC opportunity to date. At our Changing the Conversation about Pain training they engaged in robust conversation about how to be looking and assessing for pain at all levels of clinical engagement and learned how to talk openly about persistent pain. During our CPT for PTSD Training, they fully immersed themselves into a manualized treatment with openness and curiosity. I am inspired by this cohort’s willingness to learn and challenge themselves.

Finally, to our trainers and colleagues that have help launch the COBHC from a fledgling idea to a full-blown training Consortium. To our trainers on Persistent Pain, Nora Stern, and Laura Heesacker, you had the bravery to jump right into our new program as the first inaugural trainers! Thank you for your collaboration and trust. To our trainer of CPT, Dr. Debra Kaysen, you made a personal dream of mine come true! You brought the life changing treatment approach of CPT to Central Oregon. Our cohort and attendees of your training have had overwhelming positive reviews of your training and have expressed excitement to begin using this treatment to help treat to PTSD to remission. Finally, to our collaborators at Cornerstone Whole Health Organization. You have provided expert knowledge and focus on program implementation as well as a wealth of didactic trainings that our cohort is starting to dive into with vigor.

However you may celebrate during this season, we want to bring these wonderful highlights to your doorstep as a gift. Thankfulness and appreciation can bring something so important to folks – a sense of meaning and belonging. Thank you for supporting the COBHC. We are thrilled to continue to grow with you and for you.

Happy Holidays!


Consortium Dickey, PsyD Director